Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration


The aftermath of a fire can be a devastating time for everyone involved. In some instances, people may lose all of their possessions and they will have to start all over again by buying new things to replace their old items. On the other hand, if the fire is contained by the fireman in time, the owners of the home and their families will be left with clean up that will not only take time, but also quite a bit of effort and money. Even though some people may be tempted to take on this job and complete it themselves, they may soon discover that there are numerous financial advantages to hiring the right type of fire damage restoration professionals to complete these tasks.

The professionals that the family may consider contacting first is the smoke and fire damage restoration crew at SteamMaster. When our emergency team comes into the home, they will focus on getting things taken care of quickly in order to minimize the financial loss. One of the most important steps is getting rid of all of the water and other types of debris that’s left from the fire and firefighting efforts. This can be accomplished in numerous ways, including using commercial equipment to vacuum up all of the water out of each room that has been affected.

The main step is to ensure that we document, assess and evaluate all damage. Since some items are completely destroyed because of the fire and smoke, they will have to be bagged and discarded. However, there are other items that have been affected that can be salvaged. With a professional team involved, they have the best tools and equipment available to complete these jobs effectively. For example, a professional fire restoration remediation company will have various types of wet cleaning tools, rotary scrubbers, chemical sponges and hot fogging machines that expand into wall cavities. This means we can use these tools to remove all of the smoke that lingers within.

Reporting in the news recently discussing various plant life, shows that they can become highly flammable at certain times of the year. With forest fires being a real threat to our homes and community, it helps to be aware of our experienced professionals. We will come out any season any time of the day or night.


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