Three Major Causes of Structural Damage

11-15-06 Water test left side water coming under foundation 1

Water is a very powerful force that can cause serious damage to the structure of your home or business. Today we are going to take a deeper look at different types of water damage that can affect your foundation.


Three Major Causes of Structure Damage


If your building or home has had foundation damage, 9 times out of 10 it has been caused through some form of water damage. When water creeps up and gets in and around the foundation of a building, bad things can happen. Water can cause costly damage and can even make your building unsafe to dwell in. Foundation restoration is a long and difficult process but needs to be done in order to insure that your building is safe. Below are three situations where water damage can cause structural damage.


  1. Soil erosion– Water is one force of nature that you really don’t want to ignore. The soil around your foundation was put there for a good reason. This soil helps support the foundation and when it is removed due to water damage, the foundation becomes weaker. This can cause your foundation to sink. Signs of soil erosion include drywall cracks, tilting chimneys and doors that will not properly close.


  1. Standing water– Standing water if not removed by a sump pump can cause major foundation damage. The longer the water sits the more saturated the ground can be. This can cause your foundation to shift, which will put your building at risk. Proper drainage can also help keep water from standing around the outside of your foundation.


  1. Hydro-static pressure– This is probably the number one cause of foundation damage, due to water. If you have a leaking basement most of the times this is the cause. When the soil around the foundation becomes infiltrated with water the pressure builds. This pressure can do more than just cause a leak. If hydro-static pressure becomes too much, it can cause foundation failure.


If you believe you are experiencing any of these you can call us for a free evaluation of your situation. Once we complete the evaluation process we are able to provide an estimate typically within 24 hours.

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