Identifying Hidden Water Leak in Your Home

Have you ever wondered how much water is wasted in most homes? The statistics will actually shock you. The average family wastes more than 11 gallons of clean water every year and this is through leaks alone. Yes, 11,000 gallons wasted through leaks and not laundry, shower, flushing or cleaning of utensils in the kitchen.

As a homeowner, you probably are very busy working in an office and looking for new business opportunities in order to increase your income. This is not bad at the end of the day, you need to buy stuff – electronics, clothes, vacation, a home, and investments. This is not an excuse to assume that everything is ok. It is important to try and find out if there are any hidden leaks and water damage in the crawl space, mechanical room, behind the sink, in the bathroom and under the sink.

Here is how to identify hidden water leaks in your home.

img_1069Improper insulation and poor construction cause ice dam in homes that subsequently is the silent cause of water intrusion in homes causing mold behind walls and structures. SteamMaster uses Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras to detect these leaks.


In the Bathroom

Bathrooms are very important rooms as they provide the much-needed space and privacy to take a shower each morning and probably in the evening too. Have you ever encountered a musty smell when you step in the bathroom? This is actually a sign that you have a leak. Damaged walls, stains or warping are clear signs of leaking in the bathroom. The smell of old accumulated water and stains on the ceiling especially for the lower floor are clear signs of leaks in your bathroom.

According to experts, bathroom leaks occur as a result of damage to pipes passing through the walls. They may also occur due to a crack in the bathroom faucet or the bathtub itself.


In the crawl space

A damp crawl space has been found to support the growth of mold. It also causes dry rot in posts, beams, sills and floor joists. When wood begins to rot, it loses its strength which means it will compromise the floors, walls and ceilings. If you want to identify leaks in the crawl space, use a screwdriver. Probe the framing especially discolored areas.

Other signs of hidden water leaks in the crawl space include condensation, rust on metal, insect infestation especially termites, white chalky substance and flooding.

Behind and under the sink

fe42ed3e-288f-47db-9b0d-fa4298c0aab2Just like the bathroom, water leaks under and behind the sink can be detected by the growth of mold and mildew. While it is acceptable for a few to appear, if the growth is dense, then you have a hidden water leak. Old, accumulated water and stained walls beneath the sink is another clear sign of hidden water leak.

To eliminate the consequences brought about by hidden water leaks, it is important to hire a home restoration and flood mitigation expert. They are experienced and qualified to deal with water damage and leaks.

Just be sure to select the best!

SteamMaster provides 24-hour emergency service for water, sewer, fire mitigation services. Please call us at 970.827.5555 for immediate response.

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