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Restoring Your Terrazo Flooring

Cactus in small flowerpot on terrazzo floor

Common terrazzo flooring appearance

Terrazzo is a stone that is man-made and created via the use of small pieces of natural stone. In a nutshell, it is a hard surface using stone chips set in epoxy or cement. The name comes from “Terrazza”, which is an Italian word that means, “terrace”. It began back in the 15th century when Venetian mosaic artists utilized leftover bits of marble for surfacing their own terraces at home. The fact that it is steeped in tradition and history makes terrazzo all the more attractive to many people for their homes or businesses.

Terrazzo floors are really quite resilient, but older terrazzo floors may need general restoration for the purpose of restoring them to their original beauty. Pits and holes in places where chips of stone could have come loose and could require filling. A lackluster surface could require the help of a professional to make it shine again.

Terrazzo’s attractive appearance and high level of durability make it an excellent natural stone hard surface for restoration. Generally it contains marble or some other type of natural stone that tends to be capable of maintaining a high shine once polished. Terrazzo can then be maintained by using a penetrative sealer to protect it from discoloration and stains.

Once it has been restored by a professional, maintaining terrazzo in all of its beauty is as simple as regular dry and wet mopping. It is, however, quite susceptible to etching, therefore it’s necessary to prevent any acidic spills or, if any occur, to wipe them up immediately. And, often it is difficult to tell whether a stain is actually a stain or a natural part of the floor itself. The best way to find that out is to ask a professional to look at it and make a recommendation.

If you’re a business or homeowner in Eagle County who has a terrazzo floor in your home or office, and it’s starting to look dull or damaged, then your best bet is to contact certified technicians to re-seal your floor and ensure years of beauty and enjoyment. Don’t make the mistake of trying Do-It-Yourself methods on your floor when you need to remove stains or etching. Trust the professionals to extract those stains and preserve the beauty of your terrazzo floor.

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

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SteamMaster and CBS – A green business story

Green at SteamMaster

Where We’re Coming From:
The mission of both SteamMaster Restoration & Cleaning and Colorado Basement Systems is to improve the indoor air quality of our clients. We do this by offering environmentally friendly cleaning and restoration services to prevent allergens and mold. Our Colorado Basement Systems’ CleanSpace crawl space products help make homes more energy efficient. It is the nature of our business to improve the immediate environment of our customers, but it is the nature of our people to want to care for our community and our natural environment.

Where We Are:
Of course SteamMaster has always done the essential and simple things every business should do, like recycling and saving energy; co-owner and Chief Sustainability Officer Julie Stoxen sees to that. For many years SteamMaster has minimized our environmental footprint by offering on-site employee housing, and our sales team now uses a Smart Car and travel planning to reduce fuel consumption. Also, in our 33 years of cleaning and restoration services, we have always used some environmentally friendly products. But the products we use must perform, and the reality is that most “green” products have not performed in the past as well as conventional ones. Until now…

A couple of years ago SteamMaster investigated some “green” products and processes to make sure they are capable of performing to our high standards and are also safe and environmentally friendly, as they claim. We have taken our time to test and investigate and have finally found a green product line that lives up to its claim (and in many cases outperforms conventional products!). We are very happy to continue to exceed our customers’ expectations, and now with even safer, healthier and environmentally friendly services!

Where We’re Going:
At SteamMaster we feel inspired by the current “green revolution,” and we realize we have a lot to learn and do. We will continue our practice of following the “Five Rs of Green” by using renewable products, reducing our use of materials and energy, reusing or salvaging materials when possible, recycling, and also re-evaluating the needs of our clients in order to find better and more environmentally responsible solutions for them.

Read about SteamMaster’s involvement with Eagle Valley Alliance Green effort here

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