Local Experts Tag Line

I have always been intrigue with tagline. SteamMaster Restoration and Cleaning’s tagline is:

Blue Ocean Strategy gives prominence to Tagline in a more profound way:

“Tagline is a phrase that captures the essence of the “to be” strategy in a way that speaks forcefully to both a company’s employees and the target mass of buyers. A compelling tagline ensures that the strategy makes senses. It helps customers identify immediately what is offered, and it helps employees identify what they should concentrate on, thereby, bringing focus to the execution of the strategy.”

Wikipedia describes tagline as follows:

“A tagline is a variant of a branding slogan typically used in marketing materials and advertising. The idea behind the concept is to create a memorable phrase that will sum up the tone and premise of abrand or product (like a film), or to reinforce the audience’s memory of a product.”

We would like to capture local businesses tagline on this blog and share with all. You are welcome to post your tagline whether it is a company or non-profit organization. To start we will post some out there and encourage you to do the same. At some point when we have enough entries we will make it a poll to choose the best and select a winner for a prize. That would be fun!

Call Raj at 970-827-5555 or email raj@steammaster.com if you have any questions or need help with posting them to this blog.

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7 responses to “Local Experts Tag Line

  1. Here are my first five posting for today:

    Vail Daily – Bringing Communities Together

    Vail Valley Charitable Fund – It’s All About Heart

    The Golden Bear – The Symbol of Vail Valley

    Vail Resorts – Experience Of A Lifetime

    Trippons.com – Real Savings Right Now

  2. Our tag line for the Minturn Community Fund is: “Minturn Matters”

  3. Today we have another 5 tagline:

    KZYR 97.7 The Zephyr Vail – True. Local. Radio

    Johnie’s Garden – Enhancing the Outdoors Your Love!

    Slifer Designs – Creating Luxury Living Experiences

    Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability – Community in Balance

    Avon Bakery & Deli – Organic Artisan Breads

  4. Another 5 taglines:

    Vail Symposium – Convening Locally Thinking Globally

    The Literacy Project – Read Well, Speak Well, Live Well

    Mobloggy – Keep it Social & Simple (KISS)

    Vail.net – Vacation Like a Local!

    Active Communication – for an Active Lifestyle

  5. Another 6 taglines:
    @vailelectronics : Vail Electronics – Go Ahead. Live Comfortably

    @VailMtnCoffeeT : Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co – All About Altitude!

    @MOMDVail : Marketplace On Meadow Drive – Gourmet Foods

    @beavercreekmtn : Beaver Creek – Not Exactly Roughing it

    @VVDentalCare : Vail Valley Dental Care – Compassionate Family Dentistry

    @sosoutreach : SOS Outreach – Spread The Love

  6. New one : Vail – Like Nothing On Earth

  7. 3 more: post yours….

    Vail Honeywagon Rubbish & Recycling: Satisfaction Guaranteed or your trash back!

    Tessa Clogs: Put Smiles and Tessa Clogs on and Brighten Your Day

    The Arrabelle at Vail Square: It will leave you speechless.

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