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Restoring Your Terrazo Flooring

Cactus in small flowerpot on terrazzo floor

Common terrazzo flooring appearance

Terrazzo is a stone that is man-made and created via the use of small pieces of natural stone. In a nutshell, it is a hard surface using stone chips set in epoxy or cement. The name comes from “Terrazza”, which is an Italian word that means, “terrace”. It began back in the 15th century when Venetian mosaic artists utilized leftover bits of marble for surfacing their own terraces at home. The fact that it is steeped in tradition and history makes terrazzo all the more attractive to many people for their homes or businesses.

Terrazzo floors are really quite resilient, but older terrazzo floors may need general restoration for the purpose of restoring them to their original beauty. Pits and holes in places where chips of stone could have come loose and could require filling. A lackluster surface could require the help of a professional to make it shine again.

Terrazzo’s attractive appearance and high level of durability make it an excellent natural stone hard surface for restoration. Generally it contains marble or some other type of natural stone that tends to be capable of maintaining a high shine once polished. Terrazzo can then be maintained by using a penetrative sealer to protect it from discoloration and stains.

Once it has been restored by a professional, maintaining terrazzo in all of its beauty is as simple as regular dry and wet mopping. It is, however, quite susceptible to etching, therefore it’s necessary to prevent any acidic spills or, if any occur, to wipe them up immediately. And, often it is difficult to tell whether a stain is actually a stain or a natural part of the floor itself. The best way to find that out is to ask a professional to look at it and make a recommendation.

If you’re a business or homeowner in Eagle County who has a terrazzo floor in your home or office, and it’s starting to look dull or damaged, then your best bet is to contact certified technicians to re-seal your floor and ensure years of beauty and enjoyment. Don’t make the mistake of trying Do-It-Yourself methods on your floor when you need to remove stains or etching. Trust the professionals to extract those stains and preserve the beauty of your terrazzo floor.

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Cleaning Marble, Limestone, Slate and Moss Rock

Natural countertop and floor coverings such as marble, limestone, slate or moss rock have increased in use in building and design. These surfaces require maintenance to ensure their natural look and beauty. This maintenance includes cleaning, stripping and sealing performed by a professional trained in the care of stone and other natural surfaces.

The first step is for the professional to determine the most efficient and safest cleaning method for the surface. Should a more abrasive or a gentler method be used? Does a topical coating need to be removed? Now the prep work begins to protect furnishing and the surrounding areas. This may require application of painters tape to protect wood trim, covering nearby carpet, or carefully moving furniture out of the way.

If necessary and appropriate, floors are scrubbed with abrasive brushes to remove staining and traffic patterns. Cryo Cleaning, or ice blasting, is an environmentally friendly and chemical free method sometimes used to remove topical coatings or construction adhesives. When faced with stubborn stains, the technician may use a special poultice to penetrate below the surface and remove the stains. The floor is also pretreated and extraction cleaned with high pressure and hot water to reach pores and small crevices.

Stone and tile are then sealed with impregnating sealers or topical coating to protect against future damage. When the sealer is applied, the technician begins by applying it around the edges with a brush. This ensures that the sealer is not misapplied onto surrounding wood trim or other surfaces. A sprayer is used in the center to get an even coat of sealer.

Professional cleaning and maintenance using these methods can protect these surfaces, and even restore their natural beauty if they’ve been neglected.

Matt Monica, VP of Operations and Technical Advisor of SteamMaster is available to answer any questions on Hard Surface cleaning. Please email matt@steammaster.com or call 970-827-5555.

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